The Heavies 2016

Please stay tuned for a full report on our 2016 Champions – available here from Thursday 24th March
The photo-journalism will include a complete report on each category, synopsis, Judges comment – and stunning imagery


The abnormal load movement fraternity is an industry within an industry. While regular 44-tonne tractor-trailers are plodding up and down the motorways with everything from baked beans to breeze blocks, tea bags to bricks – keeping the UK plc moving. It’s YOU; the specialists that move the Nation’s infrastructure into place, laying the foundations for it all. So you more than deserve recognition for that effort. The Heavies is where you’ll find it. Last year’s inaugural Heavies awards handed out plaudits, not just to the great and the good in the industry, but to some less well-known names among their peers. They are raising standards, showing that small can be beautiful too.

Nineteen awards in total (including Highly Commended), each aiming to seek out the innovators and the best performers – in the widest range of operations,. It’s a hugely diverse industry after all. But perhaps you are dithering about entering, a comment from last year’s judges is again worth hearing: “Entries do not need to be full of glitz and snappy presentations. We can see through that, to the essential value of the submission.” That philosophy means the field is truly wide open – to large and small companies alike.

Hangar 42 & Sally Traffic

Hangar 42 & ‘Sally Traffic’

The 2015 awards were held in Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground’s Hangar 42 – a fantastic venue and the perfect arena to showcase the super-size trucks and trailers that are the tools of your trade.

We are back there for 2016, adding sparkle and glamour. Radio royalty is hosting the event.

Sally Boazman, better known to BBC Radio 2 listeners as ‘Sally Traffic,’ has agreed to host the heavies 2016, on Friday 18th March 2016.Sally will help celebrate the achievements of our industry – with the premier operators, escorters, industry figures, policy makers, manufacturers and suppliers.

We will recognise innovation and outstanding service, efficiency and quality. To win – or even be shortlisted – is evidence of the highest accomplishment, judged by an international panel of industry experts.

All industries have a standout premier event, where they get together and meet their peers and friends. the heavies is that opportunity for you. It’s an ideal venue to make new business contacts. And whether you are a winner, or you’ve been shortlisted, or you are at the event as a guest, it’s the evening this sector of the industry is talking about. It’s also a great way to entertain clients and reward staff for their efforts over the past year. Last year’s winners shouldn’t rely on submitting the same projects for an award. Nor can they assume their title is safe – there’s real competition.




We’re proud to be supporting Transaid, an international charity that seeks to reduce poverty in some of the world’s poorest countries by investing in transport. Transport is essential for life but the reality for many of the poorest people across Africa and the developing world is that access to transport is poor, inadequate or non-existant. Transaid, recognise that transport knowledge is absolutely essential to the smooth running of any project involving movement of goods or people. Transaid seeks to identify, champion, implement and share local transport solutions to improve access to basic services and economic opportunity for people in Africa and in developing countries.