The Heavies 2017

The abnormal load movement family are an industry within an industry. While the vanilla-flavoured 44-tonne tractor-trailers are sailing up the motorways with everything from baked beans and teabags, to breeze blocks and bricks, yes, they are keeping UK plc moving. But it’s you, the specialists who move the nation’s infrastructure into place, who lay the foundations for it all.

You more than deserve recognition for that effort, expertise and professionalism, and The Heavies Awards is where you’ll find it.

The Heavies Awards awards prides itself in seeking out effort and excellence, regardless of size. Our judges have handed out the gongs, not just to the headline names we all know in the industry, but to some of the less well-known operators who are raising standards, and showing that small can be beautiful too.

Variety and Excellence

There are a total of sixteen awards that aim to seek out the innovators and the best performers in the widest range of operations; after all, it’s a hugely diverse sector. If you are dithering about entering, a comment from our Judges is worth bearing in mind. They said, “Entries do not need to be full of glitz and snappy presentations. We can see through that, to the essential value of the submission.” That philosophy means that the door is truly wide open to large and small companies alike.

Sally Traffic

The Heavies 2017: Declan McGinn

The Heavies Awards is proud to announce the return of radio royalty, our host Sally Boazman. Better known to BBC Radio 2 listeners as ‘Sally Traffic’.

Sally is certainly no stranger to the sector, as her 2018 welcome address quipped “Your industry keeps me in a job!”

Bringing sparkle and glamour to the event, Sally will be helping to celebrate the achievements of the industry’s premier operators, escorters, industry figures, policy makers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Sally will be recognising innovation, outstanding service, efficiency and quality. To win, or just to be shortlisted, is evidence of the highest achievement in the industry, as judged by an international panel of industry experts.

Napkins and Networking

All industries have their premier event, where they get together and meet their peers and friends. The Heavies Awards is that opportunity for you. It’s a chance to make new business contacts too, and whether you are a winner, you’ve been shortlisted, or you are at the event as a guest, it’s the evening this sector of the industry is now talking about. It’s also a great way to entertain clients and reward staff for their efforts over the past year. It’s important to remember that last year’s winners cannot rely on submitting the same projects for an award, and neither can they assume that their title is safe from an operator they might never even have heard of.


Becoming a Heavies sponsor allows your company to reach this niche market. Providing a powerful complement to other marketing programs, whilst delivering dramatic influence on customer relations both new and old. The audience is made up of key decision makers, operators, policy makers, manufacturers and suppliers representing the entire heavy and abnormal load industry. You will also reach our website visitors with your brand messages.

Supporting the awards demonstrates your industry leadership and active commitment to a professional and high quality industry, so make sure you join us for 2024!