First consider whether your entry meets the criteria of the category you are entering. Then concentrate on demonstrating the value of the entry, for example, the degree to which your project has brought benefits to the organisation and the heavy and abnormal load industry.

When writing about your project(s), you need to identify:

  • the goal your project was trying to achieve
  • why you wanted to achieve it
  • how the project was delivered
  • what impact the project had

In addition, you should also comment on the lasting contribution of your project, drawing upon the environmental, social and economic impacts of your efforts. Use the following guide to help you structure your entry:


  • what was the project about?
  • what task did you set yourselves?
  • where did the project take place?
  • who was involved?

End results

  • did the project fulfil its objectives?
  • what evidence do you have to support the success of the project?
  • how has the project brought benefits to
  • the industry?
  • what has been the response in the media?


  • what exactly did you want to achieve?
  • what was the scale of the challenge you faced?
  • how sustainable were your targets?


  • what lasting commitments has the project created?
  • did the project deliver any lessons for the future?

What the project entailed

  • what was your plan of action?
  • what considerations did you have to make?
  • what resources did you draw upon?
  • what steps were taken to achieve your goal?
  • what difficulties or risks were involved?