The Heavies 2017: Enerpac

For twenty years we have been proud to enable customers to rise to their challenges. Our passion has always been to provide heavy lifting products that are safe, reliable and innovative.

Our ambition is to be the world’s leading supplier of heavy lifting equipment and solutions. Customers count on us because we are experts in exploring specific applications and delivering intelligent solutions.

Based in Hengelo in The Netherlands, Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology is a business unit of US-based Enerpac (Div. of Actuant Corporation). Enerpac has been a provider of high pressure hydraulic tools for nearly 100 years and has more than 30 years’ experience in delivering hydraulic solutions for the controlled movement and positioning of heavy loads.

The Hengelo facility provides design, manufacturing, including machining & welding, and testing capabilities. Standard products such as hydraulic telescopic gantries, strand jacks, Self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) and skidding systems as well as bespoke projects are fully assembled and tested in house. The Enerpac SPMT600 Series SPMT designed for in-plant operation, the SPMT’s slim height and compact frame make it easy to lift, manoeuvre and lower a load in a confined space.

Enerpac also makes custom lifting solutions such as self-erecting towers, travel gantries, and strand jack gantries, for example.

Heavy Lifting

Enerpac offers three series of hydraulic telescopic gantry systems: the cost effective Super Lift (SL) series for entry level control and capacity; the Super Boom Lift (SBL) series up to 1100t capacity and the Mega Boom Lift (MBL) series, which can deliver the stability to utilise a two-leg configuration and achieve lifting heights over 12000 mm.

Enerpac strand jacks can be considered as a linear winch, where a bundle of steel cables or strands are guided through a hydraulic cylinder. The motion of the cylinders is driven by hydraulic power packs, which can be electric or diesel powered.

Synchronised Lifting

Synchronised lifting is a key differentiator for Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology and a natural development of its expertise in hydraulics and control systems, enabling it to offer a range of multi-point lifting solutions unmatched in the industry.

Enerpac’s multi-point lifting systems range from simple mechanical controlled hand-operated portable lifting cylinder and SFP-Series Split Flow Pumps with up to six flow outlets, to computer controlled EVO-Series synchronous lifting systems, JS-Series Jack-ups and SHS-Series SyncHoist.

The Enerpac JS-Series Jack-Up System uses four hydraulically operated jack-up units positioned at each corner of the load to form ‘lifting towers’. Each unit’s lifting and lowering operations occur simultaneously, the system’s central computer control synchronises each jack-up unit and maintains the balance of the load.

Enerpac’s EVO synchronous lifting systems provides precision control by controlling and synchronising the movements of multiple lifting points. Feedback from multiple sensors allows control of lifting, lowering and positioning of any large, heavy or complex structure, regardless of weight distribution.

Enerpac Sync Hoist System (SHS) provides high precision high load manoeuvring, vertically and horizontally – using one crane. This minimise the risk of damage from oscillations of wire rope due to sudden crane starts and stops. It can be used for pre-programmed positioning, tilting, aligning and high precision horizontal and vertical load positioning.

All our standard heavy lifting equipment is available from stock globally.

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The Heavies 2017: Enerpac

The Heavies 2017: Enerpac