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The Heavies 2018: Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks first entered the British market in 1967 and today, with over 50 years of fantastic service and commitment to our customers, it is easy to see why Volvo are one of the most prestigious truck manufacturers in the world. Volvo Trucks are a company dedicated to safety, quality and the environment.

Designed for the heaviest and most demanding operations, the Volvo FH16 is our most powerful truck. Its distinctive design expresses the massive capabilities built into it, as well as its level of refinement. It is, quite simply, one of the safest and most comfortable workplaces in the industry.

Volvo’s range-topping D16K engine is available in three separate power outputs from 550 to 750hp. The straight six inline, Euro-6 units features a single piece; overhead camshaft cylinder head and rear-mounted timing gears for quiet and smooth operation. Behind this power plant is Volvo’s award-winning, I-Shift automated transmission system. A 12-speed splitter and range gearbox, I-Shift can be fitted with a compact retarder, power take-off, and oil cooler. I-Shift comes with a choice of five different software packages that includes a Heavy-duty transport programme. The latest member of the I-Shift family is I-Shift with crawler gears, which make it possible to start from standstill with loads of up to 180 tonnes in the UK and Ireland.

The FH16’s powertrain is completed by a choice of four different single reduction and four hub reduction drive axles, all-available with a wide range of final drive ratios to suit every transport assignment.

Volvo’s unique Tandem Axle Lift and Dynamic Steering systems are available on all FH16 rigid and tractor unit chassis, in addition, there is a choice of three different cab types – the flat roof ‘Sleeper’, the high roof ‘Globetrotter’ and extra-high ‘Globetrotter XL’ – the latter duo being ideal for two-man crew or long distance operations.

The FH16 range comes with a choice of 11 separate equipment packages that help customers decide how to equip and tailor their ideal Volvo truck. These include the Volvo Gold Service Contract, made possible by the telematics gateway, which is Volvo’s 100% uptime guarantee.

Complementing the FH16 range is the Volvo FH, a leader in long-haul transport with unmatched driver comfort, safety and economy levels. Then. for versatile national and regional transport assignments, Volvo’s FM delivers unparalleled levels of flexibility, driveability and first-class productivity, Next up is the FMX, the modern construction truck that is strong, robust and packed with ground-breaking features and finally there are the FE and FL ranges, the urban and regional workhorses, at 10 to 26-tonnes.

Key to the company’s success is its comprehensive level of customer support through an impressive network of 83 wholly-owned or independent dealerships throughout the UK and Ireland. These offer extended opening hours and over 95% parts availability across the counter or guaranteed for next morning delivery.

Volvo Trucks are proud to sponsor The Heavies ‘Operator of the Year 2018’ and for more information on Volvo’s complete truck range, check out the website : www.volvotrucks.co.uk

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