Charles Russell Transport – for safely transporting a total of 25 loads of bronze artworks from the manufacturers in the UK to a prestigious hospital complex in Qatar in the Middle East. This included all planning, organisation and documentation – along with the construction of bespoke equipment for their lifting, transport, shipping, assembly and installation.

In the words of one of our Judges:

“The unique nature of the cargo created a series of problems for both the lifting and transportation stages of this project. Close liaison with the clients was essential and a careful study of the construction of the structure led to the creation of bespoke trailers and lifting equipment to achieve this. Careful planning was required to both ship the cargo to its destination and consideration had to be given to both the logistics and likely equipment required at this location, it’s a long way from Doha to Gloucestershire!

The company showed great ingenuity in its approach to this project, a very high value cargo that create some unique challenges, the solutions devised to carry out this job would have been beyond the capabilities of many others, but this renowned specialist in this particular sector fulfilled their clients requirements in every respect.”