TII Group – The SCHEUERLE X-Lite system ensures vehicle position, road conditions and operating-levers are perfectly visible at any time. LEDs – installed directly over the trailer wheels – can be switched on and adjusted to an ideal lumination. The X-Lite system is available for all SPMT models and generations, and can be supplementary installed.

Lights on spmt (3)_1

Sally Traffic, on announcing the Winner:

The Judges spoke warmly of the various designs, concepts and initiatives. They were impressed by the excellence of vision and the various technologies. But the WINNER, for (in their words) ‘arguably one of the most effective solutions created within the past few years.’ For helping to create greater awareness for both driver and support teams… Sheer brilliance!


TII Innovation

TII Group – For the SCHEUERLE SPMT SL Award-winning. The SPMT SL with widening solution is easy to assemble, can if necessary be used as regular 2-file vehicle without the widening system – and is container, flat-rack loadable. The extremely high bending moment (both diagonal and crosswise) guarantees a safe transport even under difficult circumstances.

Sally Traffic, on announcing Highly Commended:

Highly Commended – for its unique innovation, capable of infinite adjustment and high tilting ability, the scissor-type widening system is faster and safer in use than traditional system and brings simplicity with added safety.

Scissor Type Rot

In the Judges words:

“An innovative system that allows the SPMT to be widened up to 6400mm to match the load transported, offering greater stability when transporting very large cargo. The self-contained system operates at the touch of a button and does not require the use of spacer blocks. This makes it far easier and safer for crews to adapt the vehicle to suit the load, the operator requires less axles and the retracted combination is easier to transport when empty.

A very clever innovation that will be of great interest to SPMT operators and an example of this long established manufacturers on-going product development that has kept it at the forefront of trailer technology.”