The Heavies 2017: Kassbohrer

We are delighted to announce that returning sponsors, Kässbohrer, will be championing the Job of the Year (CAT1) category for 2017. We look forward to welcoming the Kässbohrer team and their guests on the evening of Friday 24th March!

Thank you for your continued support.

Kässbohrer in the UK

Kässbohrer, the fastest growing trailer manufacturer in Europe, as well as in UK with the threefold growth in 2016, sponsors The Heavies 2017 Job of the Year (CAT 1) category. With its expertise in engineering the right product for the right market, Kässbohrer offers the widest product range in the industry in more than 55 countries – for its customers, facing their own unique set of challenges in their daily operations.

Kässbohrer low-bed and low-loader series are appreciated by heavy-duty transport companies due to their high reliability and strength. The SL-series are available with three to eight axles, extendable or with bolted gooseneck. The abundance of additional options, such as reliable multipoint load security system and seven different types of ramps, provide an unmatched flexibility in daily operations. Robust, strong and durable Kässbohrer low-bed and low-loaders can transport abnormal goods up to 130 tons GVW and lengths of up to 34 meters.

As the most dominant product in the English heavy transportation industry, Kässbohrer’s extendable low-bed semi-trailer with 4 axles, K.SLA 4, transcends the limits of engineering to provide reliable performance. Equipped with advanced load security features, with width options of 2.550 mm or 2.750 mm, K.SLA 4 offers enhanced manoeuvring capability in the toughest working conditions.

As it showcased with the beginning of 2016 in England, Kässbohrer low-loader, with its strong chassis and robust construction, K.SLL 2 is designed for the safe transport of heavy haulage and abnormal goods. Its bolted gooseneck shortens loading operations of bulky goods, while enhancing operational safety with front loading capability. K.SLL 2 is equipped with hydraulic axles providing maximum mobility under the toughest road conditions.

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The Heavies 2017: Kassbohrer