With a rich history in supplying vehicles tailored to meet the ever-demanding needs of the heavy haulage industry, and after unveiling the New Actros and New Arocs in 2013, it launched a ground-breaking new transmission. It was – and is – a revolutionary design in drivetrain technology. That is the Turbo Retarder Clutch (TRC).

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In the words of our Judges:

“The use of the TRC in the driveline of the Mercedes Arocs/Actros SLT heavy tractor range has proven to be a masterstroke for both Mercedes-Benz and the many specialist operators who have invested in this new technology. The ability to start from rest, even on steep gradients at very high weights makes driving a heavy outfit a lot less stressful for drivers, along with superb low speed control when manoeuvring.

Operators have benefitted from reduced fuel consumption and greater driveline reliability, the dry plate friction clutch is virtually free from wear, the TRC absorbs all of the shock loads when pulling away, the enhanced cooling system prevents the hydraulic oil from reaching unstable temperatures even when used the TRC is used as a retarder when descending long hills at very high weights.

This impressive technology is part of a comprehensive range of options available as part of the SLT heavy tractor range and has enabled Mercedes-Benz make substantial inroads in the U.K. heavy haulage sector in recent years.“


The readers of HeavyTorque and the wider industry were invited to vote in an open poll and nominate for whom they believe deserves the crown for Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year.

The winners should accept – in the knowledge that as companies – they are getting the votes of their customers, peers and industry:

We’ve mentioned their rich history, but they’ve never rested on their laurels – or their emblematic star. Rather they keep following it.


Receiving 35.2% of all votes – our 2016 ‘Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year’ award goes to a truck maker who once again has their latest innovation exhibited at this evening’s show. With their SLT heavy haulage tractor, and its game-changing turbo retarder clutch. Claiming this award for the second consecutive year, it is our course, Mercedes-Benz.

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