Nooteboom – (In their words) Groundbreaking innovation for abnormal road transport. With the Manoovr semi low-loaders Nooteboom set their own course: they believe there are too many disadvantages attached to the independent suspension systems currently available in the market. Excessive tyre wear, high maintenance costs and limited vertical travel: all these drawbacks don’t apply when it comes to Manoovr.

In the Judges words:

“Real progress in trailer design, an ultra low floor height with hydraulic pendle axles, first rate steering angles and suspension travel, fewer moving parts requiring less maintenance, optimised steering and suspension geometry offering improved tyre wear. Able to operate at 12 tonnes per axle throughout Europe and at higher weights in UK.

Easy to operate, the stepless transfer of weight via the hydraulic gooseneck allows numerous tractor unit configurations to couple to the trailer with optimum weight distribution, the trailer steering characteristics can be changed easily from above the platform, which makes life much easier for the driver.

The wide range of options and axle layout make it easy to adapt the trailer for different cargoes, allowing greater flexibility from just one trailer, hauliers can look forward to a combination of reduced running costs, better manoeuvrability and greater payloads. The low running height can make the difference between carry a cargo in one piece or costly stripping down to meet height restrictions.“

Our stage for 2016: Nooteboom Manoovr