The abnormal load movement family are an industry within an industry. While the vanilla-flavoured 44-tonne tractor-trailers are sailing up the motorways with everything from baked beans and teabags, to breeze blocks and bricks, yes, they are keeping UK plc moving. But it’s you, the specialists who move the nation’s infrastructure into place, who lay the foundations for it all.

You more than deserve recognition for that effort, expertise and professionalism, and ‘The Heavies 2018’ is where you’ll find it.

Now in their fourth year, The Heavies, Sponsored by Goldhofer and Volvo Trucks prides itself in seeking out effort and excellence, regardless of size. Our judges have handed out the gongs, not just to the headline names we all know in the industry, but to some of the less well-known operators who are raising standards, and showing that small can be beautiful too.

There are a total of fifteen awards that aim to seek out the innovators and the best performers in the widest range of operations; after all, it’s a hugely diverse sector. If you are dithering about entering, a comment from last year’s judges is worth bearing in mind. They said, “Entries do not need to be full of glitz and snappy presentations. We can see through that, to the essential value of the submission.” That philosophy means that the door is truly wide open to large and small companies alike.

There are 15 days remaining to get your entries in!

The categories
Job of the Year (CAT1)
Job of the Year (CAT2)
Job of the Year (CAT3)
Job of the Year (BE16 or VR1)
Pilot Car/Escort Operator of the Year
Project of the Year – Sponsored by Goldhofer
Employee/Team of the Year
Environmental Initiative of the Year
Most Significant Safety Initiative
Operator of the Year – Sponsored by Volvo Trucks
Innovation of the Year: Vehicle Manufacturer
Innovation of the Year: End User
Innovation of the Year: Trailer Manufacturer (medium weight 3-5 axles)
Innovation of the Year: Trailer Manufacturer (heavyweight 5+ axles)
The Earl Attlee Award: Work in the Community

To submit your entries online, please visit: The quick and easy way for Online Entries!

Entry Deadline: Friday 08th June 2018

The Heavies Hero
The Heavy and Abnormal load industry would be nothing without its drivers – and operational staff – who literally keep the industry and wheels in motion! Again in 2018, The Heavies will honour the real super-heroes of the industry. Who do you think should receive this award?

Nominations couldn’t be simpler, please provide 50 words as to why your nominee is a true ‘Heavies Hero’ here: Nominate your Heavies Hero!

Please click here to view the 2017 Hall of Fame: Our Hall of Fame
For all Frequently Asked Questions, please click here: All the answers your ever going to need!

For further details about the event, please contact Andy Adams on +44 (0) 1572 345072 or email