Faymonville – The Faymonville MultiMAX with width adjustable bed offers increased safety, improved comfort and significant time savings. This new hydraulic-widening of the loading platform benefits customers. Extensive road trials proved the principle ‘simpler, faster, safer’. Previously, drivers had to manually work to pull out the side extensions – now a clever hydraulic system takes over this chore.

Sally Traffic, on announcing Highly Commended:

Highly Commended in this category for delivering an excellent system. – an answer to the tougher enforcement of STGO regulations with wider trailers. Simple operating methods boosting productivity, it saves time and money on site… Easier, safer, cleaner, and quicker for the driver, this fast and efficient bed-extending system will cut loading and unloading times – without compromising safety.

In the Judges words:

“A very good system for transporting heavy equipment, easier, safer, quicker and cleaner for the driver, an answer to the tough stance taken by some authorities regarding the use of STGO wider bed trailers in some parts of the country.”