Once again the readers of HeavyTorque and the wider industry were invited to vote in an open poll – and nominate – for whom they believe deserves the crown for Trailer Manufacturer of the Year.


With 18.7% of all votes cast – recognising this manufacturer for their sustained excellence in design and manufacture. Their roots go back as far as the 1700’s, beginning as a simple forge serving the local farming community. Trailer building started in 1945: the first low loader was built in 1952. Compared to the sophisticated, ultra-high capacity modular trailer systems that form their current range, this was a simple design – but the basic principles of careful, detailed design and precise manufacture have been their hallmark for decades. The company’s watchwords are ‘Quality and Innovation’ – as exemplified by their huge girder trailer, capable of carrying five times its unladen weight, the famous Factor Five’s manufacturer… Goldhofer!

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